About us

Εξωτερικο με Ηλιο

In Aegean Polyclinics we offer selected healthcare services to the residents and visitors of Paros, choosing medical specialties that cover a wide range of needs.


We build long-term collaborations with experienced doctors that have a proven record in safety and efficiency.
Our medical equipment is of latest technology.
We network with renowned private hospitals so that we can guide you to the best hospital care available in our country.


Let’s hope you will never need us. But if you do, you will find us ready to stand by you every day, 365 days per year.

Our People

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Fotini Samara

Aegean Polyclinics were founded by Fotini Samara. Fotini is a certified nurse with thirteen years of experience in all aspects of Nursing (surgery team for heart, orthopedic and general surgery operations, ICU, ER, endoscopy, home care), but also in management positions in private hospitals. Apart from her Nursing diploma she holds an MBA in Management of Medical Units. She places safety and quality in health services above all, and this is why she will be working herself as a nurse in Aegean Polyclinics.

Mihalis Romas

Mihalis had always wanted to become active in health services. He took the first step when he proudly became a Red Cross volunteer.  His second step was his involvement in Aegean Polyclinics. Being responsible for business development, Mihalis already envisions the expansion of Aegean Polyclinics to other Cyclades islands!